Charles River String Camp

 Join us for a fun week of making music together at Costello Music Studio" Charles River Camp in Medfield, MA!

This camp is designed to give string players of all levels experience playing music in small groups. Campers are matched with others of similar playing experience and ages (this grouping can be flexible to accommodate age, friends and your summer schedule).

Each day, campers will receive instruction on music at their level of ability. The ensemble of between 4 and 6 players can be any combination of violin, viola, cello and bass.

There is a small performance for family and friends at the end of the week, followed by a short ice cream sundae party!

Camper Levels

String Walkers


 This level is for string players who have had 1-2 years playing experience (approx. age range, 7-11). The focus for this level is on FUN ways to make music together, as well as note reading, rhythm, counting and sight reading new music (approximately 10 short pieces throughout the week). Some tunes are also learned by ear.

Each day includes refreshments and some outdoor play, as well as games about theory, rhythm, music notation, and instruments.

Bow Flyers


 This level is for players with approximately 3-5 years experience (approx. age range, 8-13). The focus for these campers is on sight reading, and group leadership.

They read through between 10-12 pieces and then choose the ones they want to work on to build the group sound. We will also explore musical composition.

Daily games in theory, note reading, rhythm and music notation help to form friendships and build a great knowledge base for musicianship!

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 This level, for students with 5 years or more of playing experience, is the most advanced level. The focus is on musical interpretation and performance prep. The group sight reads music of many genres and time periods, then chooses a few to really dive into. They apply knowledge learned through games in theory and score study, and work together to interpret what the they think the composer is trying to communicate. 

Group dynamics are very important in ensemble playing, so we play theory and composition games throughout the week to get the group focused and tight.

The daily sessions are broken up with some outdoor activities and a delicious homemade dinner! 

We will be performing at least twice during the week, so some at home practice will be required. 

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String Walkers


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